09 May 2012

Main Brain versus Creative Brain

I had this conversation with myself after work.

Creative brain: Hey, we'll have the house to ourselves for at least an hour. Let's write.

Main brain: I guess we could. I'm not sure.

Creative brain: There's a beer in the fridge. We could drink it while we write. I'm in that kind of mood.

Main brain: Still not sure. I might just play Skyrim.

Creative brain: But we know what's happening next in the story, and I feel like writing.

Main brain: But I've written 35,000 words in the last month. I'm allowed to take the next hour off.

Creative brain: Aren't you always going on about taking the opportunity to write when you want to write? You could write now. You want to write now.

Main brain: But I also want to relax. I've had a long day and I have the opportunity to not think about anything except shooting arrows at draugr for an hour. With a cold beer. I want to do that.

Creative brain: But you know what happens next in the story! The character is right here, telling us both!

Main brain: I haven't had any trouble talking to the characters in this book. In fact, they won't shut up. I've done a lot of work on this book, both writing and brainstorming. I honestly think that I need to take a break or the work I produce won't be as good.

Creative brain: That's bullshit. You don't really believe that.

Main brain: Okay, I don't really believe that. But I do feel like playing Skyrim for an hour, and I'm allowed to make that choice.

Creative brain: Sure. See if I'm so agreeable tomorrow morning during your "allotted writing time." See if you regret this and maybe wish you'd written tonight.

Main brain: Okay, fine. I'm opening the manuscript file. Here I go.  Now it's sitting in front of me. Here we are. We know what happens next. Let's write.  We're going to write, aren't we? Well?  Come on!

Creative brain: ...

Main brain: Aha!  So it isn't all about you, after all!

Creative brain: ...

Main brain: I'm getting a beer and going to play Skyrim.

This proves something. I'm sure of it. What does it prove? I'm not sure.

Addendum: If the idea of me having two brains upsets you, imagine what my mother will think when she reads this.

Photo: Brain sugar cookies by Navaboo on flickr


  1. I have to say, I am really enjoying the way at least one of your brains works. ;)


  2. I was all set to do a bit of writing, and then you reminded my about Skyrim. If I never get published I'm going to blame you.

    (I wish it wasn't so easy to kill dragons, makes real life feel too hard)

    1. I can't take responsibility for that! Then I'll be responsible for both our failures, and... yikes! :)

  3. This was the first thing I read today - which definitely set the tone. The day should always begin with a giggle.

    My head is even more crowded than this... the analytical brain has stouches with the creative brain - should be editing, should be writing and the normal brain just wants a break from both.

    Gratefully I don't have the shiny of Skyrim. I keep telling Mr D our lack of Playstation/Wii has nothing to do with him and everything to do with me. I would honestly never get anything done.

    Thanks for inspiring giggles instead of yawns this morning. Now it's evening... where is that beer?

    1. I hope you found the beer, Jodi. I'd be happy to share. Just a hop, skip, and 15 hour plane ride away.

    2. That probably makes it a hop, skip and snooze :)

  4. I have moments like that too and unfortunately Main Brain always wins.

    1. Is it unfortunate? I'm not sure. I think once in a while it's okay.

      Not every time, mind!

  5. This happens to me all the time. Stupid main brain! Very funny post too.

    1. MAIN brain? Man, it gets so much flack! It's the creative brain who's the jerk!

      Oh dear. I've done it now. I'll probably never write again.

  6. Given I spent the last two days playing diablo 3 I get this.


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